We make it easy for the 90% to build, grow, and preserve wealth.

Serve was created as a response to growing economic inequality and its harmful impact on our society and environment. We simplify the process to access wealth management tools that help you earn extra income, in addition to growing and preserving wealth. What was once only available to the 10% is now accessible to anyone.

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build, grow, preserve wealth
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Serve is a financial technology platform offering Digital Trust Accounts, making it possible for people and organizations to earn, save, invest, and give in the areas that matter most.


Designed for, and by, those with first-hand experience in navigating social and economic barriers to wealth creation.

Get Access to Equity

Own and grow equity by accessing quality shared ownership opportunities.

Earn Passive Income

When assets both traditional and not-so-traditional grow, so do your opportunities to earn an income.

Create Family Legacy

Preserve your legacy and create wealth that can be passed down for generations.

Access Capital to Grow Your Business

Your business can access capital in multiple ways while avoiding high interest rates. The days of searching for a banking partner can be a thing of the past.

Create New Revenue Streams

Our wealth management tools and data-driven insights can enhance the services you offer, giving you an array of opportunities to generate new streams of income.

Understand Your Impact in Real Time

Measure and record value—financially and beyond. We simplify social and environmental impact reporting with our public ledger and seamless digital interface.

Orient Your Legacy Toward Purpose

Align your money with your values. What better vehicle than a digital trust account that exists to carry out a purpose–your purpose?

Management with Checks and Balances

Easily manage the stewardship of  your assets so that you can be intentional with those best qualified to oversee your legacy.

Expand the Impact of Your Donations

 Your one-time donation can generate new income streams that continuously benefit those you want to support.

Complementary to your bank account, Digital Trust Accounts are wealth management tools that Serve to further secure your financial future.

A Digital Trust Dashboard

Trust Dashboard

Real-time insights into accounts, assets, growth metrics, and public benefit - see it as it happens.

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Integrate Your Existing Bank
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Set Your Goals
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Gain Operational Agility


Quick, seamless trust creation, integrating your existing financial tools for better budgeting and financial planning.

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View Historical Reports
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Share With Your Team
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Plan for the Future
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Accounting for More

Going beyond basic accounting, we help you understand how you create and grow value in your organization.

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Get Access to Capital Opportunities
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See Your Impact and Generate Reports
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Send and Receive Aid in Times of Need

Firebrand Artisan Bread
An Employee & Community Ownership Trust in Oakland, CA

Created and Published by the Purpose Foundation

Capital Doesn't Always Align with Vision & Values

Firebrand’s mission is to provide quality employment to formerly incarcerated and unhoused people. 

In 2019, Firebrand's founder, Matt started looking for growth capital partners to launch a line of packaged goods and struggled to find investors who shared his vision. He found that most venture capitalist and private equity investors were interested in quickly scaling and selling the business to the highest bidder. But Matt didn’t want to sell.

Economic Vehicles Exist to Support Your Purpose 

Instead, Matt wanted a structure that would enable the business to grow, stay independent, and integrate its mission into an inclusive governance form and financing structure. 

In 2020, Firebrand decided to transition a large portion of its ownership to a Purpose Trust to legally secure its community benefit programs and inclusive governance structure, while bringing on values-aligned investors.

Growth, Access to Wealth and Stewardship 

Firebrand crafted an investment structure for its $2.5m equity raise, enabling the company to sustainably grow while providing investor returns and sharing wealth with the community. All without needing to sell.

The deal structure also ensures that employees and community organizations dedicated to supporting the formerly incarcerated and unhoused in Oakland have a voice in the stewardship of the company and financially participate in the company’s growth.


More Than Half of America’s 100 Richest People Use Special Trusts

To protect their assets, establish a line of  inheritance and save on estate taxes. Here are some you may know: Michael Bloomberg, Oprah Winfrey, Laurene Powell Jobs, Calvin Klein, Lorne Michaels and Erik Prince.

*Source: ProPublica